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Expertise based
on know-how and experience!

Expertise based on know-how and experience!

In non-OECD countries there is often a lack of established and efficient medical and emergency medical structures. Such an absence of medical care facilities affects the health and living conditions of employees working in such regions, where there will seldom be reliable rescue services and where local emergency personnel lack the required qualifications. Often the necessary medical equipment and facilities are not available either, and the general security situation is unstable.

SEC4 MEDICAL’s comprehensive solutions are based on analysing, evaluating and then compensating for such weaknesses in emergency medical provision – always taking the security situation into account. Consultancy and support and, where required, operational intervention form the main elements of our proactive and reactive response.

The focal points of our service are:

  • Consultancy
  • The provision of support services
  • Accompanying security services
  • The evacuation and repatriation of patients
  • Instruction and training