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Emergency medical services
of the highest standard.

Emergency medical services of the highest standard.

As part of general security provisions modern medical rescue services make high demands in terms of strategy, personnel and equipment. In providing emergency medical services in critical situations it is often not sufficient to offer conventional treatment methods and procedures, which in many cases do not have the necessary effectiveness. Generally there is no access to external rescue services and circumstances may delay or prevent prompt treatment in a local hospital.

SEC4 MEDICAL offers appropriate strategies for the provision of emergency medical services within the framework of security projects and if required provides permanent support for these.

Our teams are composed of highly qualified specialists in medical rescue services, deployment tactics and operational security.

Our services:

  • The execution of personal protection and security operations
  • The provision of direct emergency medical services and support
  • The planning, formation and operation of an individual rescue chain
  • Provision of emergency rescue personnel qualified and equipped in accordance with the latest standards and in line with the individual mission
  • Organising and leading external rescue resources
  • The maintenance of medical data and documentation