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Safe evacuation –
in emergencies right back home.

Safe evacuation – in emergencies right back home.

In some parts of the world emergency medical evacuation is an extremely difficult undertaking. In the event of an acute, life-threatening accident the local emergency services are generally not adequate, and well-organised evacuation is absolutely essential.

In selected crisis regions SEC4 MEDICAL organises and coordinates the regional deployment of land-based or airborne rescue services (helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

From countries where the security situation is critical the repatriation of patients accompanied by medical staff in a so-called air ambulance often involves major problems. However, in cooperation with our partners we carry out, on a worldwide and unrestricted basis, the efficient repatriation of patients and intensive care patients in a specially designed ambulance aircraft.

Our services:

  • Evacuation to a suitable local hospital in the event of injury or illness
  • Supervision of the evacuated patient by a medical specialist and emergency rescue personnel
  • Transfer to a specialist clinic with facilities complying with international medical standards
  • The organisation and coordination of worldwide repatriation to the patient’s home country
  • Repatriation of the human remains in the event of death
  • Implementation of all administrative tasks