SEC4 MEDICAL  | Medical solutions for global projects

Professional resources –
in operation worldwide.

Professional resources – in operation worldwide.

SEC4 MEDICAL has the specific and professional resources to make up for any lack of emergency medical services in the specific area. For this purpose we deploy our trained emergency personnel at your project location – as part of a comprehensively organised rescue chain. The quality of our personnel and emergency medical facilities is benchmarked against the latest European and international norms and requirements.

Going beyond personal and direct support we also operate as the connecting link between the client on the one hand, and the doctors and medical staff providing treatment in external facilities on the other.

Our services:

  • The provision of direct emergency medical services and support
  • The planning, formation and operation of an individual rescue chain
  • Providing emergency rescue personnel qualified and equipped in accordance with the latest standards and in line with the individual mission
  • Organising and leading external rescue resources
  • The maintenance of medical data and documentation