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Knowing what to do
in an emergency.

Knowing what to do in an emergency.

Training is the basis for success. Successful emergency medical intervention can save lives.

Lifesavers do not necessarily have to be doctors or professional paramedics. With the right knowledge even someone who is a layman in medical terms but has training in first aid can successfully counteract life-threatening conditions when someone has been injured, creating valuable time until the patient can be handed over to the emergency rescue services.

To qualify staff in first aid we offer training programmes which are aimed specifically at the requirements of activities or working environments which expose individuals to risks.

Our practice-based training methods are in line with the specifications of the civil pre-hospital trauma live support (PHTLS) code and the official tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) principles. This special combination enables our clients to implement first aid operations effectively and safely, even under difficult conditions.

Our trainers are experienced specialists in military and civilian emergency medical services.

Basic and advanced training is provided by our mobile training team (MTT) worldwide and at the location specified by you.